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How Does it All Work?


Not many small or medium sized businesses can afford full-time Business Operations Teams that are preparing and maintaining the business's most important internal processes and documents (proposal formats, annual strategic plans, internal processes, employee handbooks, policies, marketing materials, etc.). 


Adding to the problem, the executive-level skills required to help with these tasks aren't exactly easily acquired from a temp employee service (which tend to focus on administrative help).  That's where the Work Wolves come in!  We're a team of highly skilled executives that can be hired on an as-needed basis for a particular business operations product or service.

To get started, we sit with you for a free consultation on your business operations needs, and develop an action plan and a quote (based on an hourly rate of $95/hour) to prepare the product/service you need.  We provide our quote on a not-to-exceed without prior approval basis.  After we present you the end result, you're either 100% satisfied or you don't pay us.  Period.  

Not sure if your needs are something we can provide?  Just ask!  With our in-house skills, the odds are very high that we can help. So what are you waiting for? Give us a howl today!

Our On-Call Business Services:

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$95/Hourly Rate*

*We provide Not-to-Exceed Quotes After Free Initial Consultation

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Instinct. Innovation. Intuition. Devotion.

Clink on the Images Below for Samples of Our Products:

Sample Marketing Brochure

Sample Business Proposal

Sample Hiring Tracker (SmartSheet Product)

Sample Employee Onboarding Handbook

Sample Business Process (Hiring)

Sample Employee Handbook

Sample Logo Creation

Sample Training PowerPoint

Sample Pitch Deck

Sample Tri-Fold Brochure

Sample Business Proposal

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