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Proposal Preparation

A business proposal is a formal representation of a plan to deliver a service or goods from one professional party to another.  To that end, a business proposal can be a sales proposal, marketing proposal, and partnership proposal, a business formation proposal, or even a financing application with a bank.  A business proposal should be professional, impressive and is often a reviewing party’s first and lasting impression of the company that presented it.  


It can be a challenging task to write a business proposal that presents complex business projects in a simple, concise, clear, attractive, and professional manner. The core of writing a good proposal is to structure the idea or proposition in a format that is easy to understand and leaves a positive lasting impression. Rarely are you the only business submitting a proposal for the same opportunity, so you should always do your best to outshine the competition with this document. Additionally, often the formal Request for Proposal (RFP) received from your clients contain very specific information and content layout requirements that need to be carefully reviewed and meticulously followed.  Think of these instructions as your first assignment and test from this customer, so there should be special emphasis on the proposal being complete (per instructions), attractive, accurate, and reviewed carefully for grammatical and spelling errors.  


Typically, a business proposal should broadly contain the following sections:

•    An Attractive Cover
•    An Introductory Letter from the President/Owner
•    An Executive Summary
•    The Business Proposition
•    Qualifications
•    Financial Aspects (if there are any)
•    Value Propositions
•    Convince the Reader
•    Conclusion/Recap


These proposals can be prepared and submitted in digital format, and/or printed in color on quality paper and professionally bound (typically spiral ring or comb ring binding with plastic covers).


The team at Work Wolves are masters at helping to prepare professional and highly impressive business proposals.  We sit with you, get a copy of the RFP/RFQ and specs, gather pertinent info and graphics about you and the customer your proposing to, and begin to prepare a rough draft for your review and input.  After draft review, we make all of the final touches, do a final quality review internally and then with your teams, and then present the final product in MS Word, PDF and/or hard copy, ready to impress your customers and give you the competitive edge.

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