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Manual/Handbook Creation

Every business is as unique as a fingerprint.  Even if numerous companies offer the same or very similar products or services, there’s likely very significant differences in their core values, strategy and the way their business operations are executed. For this reason, developing and publishing an organization’s Business Manuals of Operation are essential to describe how each aspect of your company procedures and operations must be executed. These manuals must set the mainframe of rules and regulations that will ensure consistency among all employees and departments and it will help your company to reach its full growth potential and success.  


Business Operation Manuals serve numerous important functions, including:

•    Communication of core values, company purpose & mission, expected

      behaviors and strategic goals.
•    Consistency of approach.
•    The sharing of information between employees and departments.
•    Avoiding the “knowledge trap” where only one person at the company knows

      how to execute vital tasks.
•    Standardizing methods and processes.


Below is a list of important Business Operations Manuals that each company should consider developing:

1.    Employee Handbook
2.    New Employee Onboarding Handbook
3.    Disaster Recovery Plan 
4.    Company Policies Manual
5.    Important Procedures Manual
6.    Company Best Practices Manual
7.    Company Safety Manual
8.    Company I.T. Security Manual


The team at Work Wolves has helped many companies develop, write, publish and maintain these manuals for their companies.  We can help from providing access to standard formats from various sources, customizing these formats for your business, writing the final manual copy and adding in graphics and photos, and helping to publish the manuals to your employees in printed form and/or by publishing them on your company intranet.

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