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About Us


Wolves [wo͝olvz]

/noun (often attributive)/plural of wolf/

Wolves are known to be complex, highly intelligent, caring and devoted creatures.  Their traits include powerful instincts, innovation and intuition. 


They're not afraid to roam the wild and posses an innate desire for working in teams.  They care for their families above all, educate their young and always care for their injured.

Much like our counterparts in the wild, Work Wolves is a team of innovative, committed and skillful individuals who are ready to help you with you Business Operations needs. 

Our Core Values are:

  • Instinct (an impulse to help & succeed)

  • Innovation (endless improvement & evolution)

  • Intuition (insight into customer needs)

  • Devotion (committed to our pursuits)


Whether a start-up business needing a logo and a business plan, or an established business needing help with proposals or hiring initiatives, we're eager to help.

We quote based on an hourly estimate with a set fee of $95/hour.  We provide this quote after a free initial consultation about your current needs.  We provide our quotes on a not-to-exceed without prior approval basis.  Our work comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you don't pay for it. Period.

Shane J. Sims

President & Founder


Shane is the President and Founder of Work Wolves, Inc. After serving 20+ years in various executives roles, Shane developed numerous world-class Business Operations skills including hiring, human resource management, business plan writing, proposal writing, policy development, presentation creation, creating marketing materials and marketing plans, etc.

Shane often found himself being asked by both start-up and small businesses for his help to create important documents and processes for their businesses, because they simply weren't large enough to hire someone of his skills full-time.  As a result of constant demand for his time and skill set, Shane decided it was time to package his skills into a business so that many small and medium sized businesses could take advantage of his knowledge and abilities.  His idea was to not create just another "business consulting firm" that merely tells you how to do things, but a firm of hard working experienced executives that can roll up their sleeves and actually do the work at your request and direction. 


Today, we produce quality business documents, presentations, policies, processes, etc. at a fixed hourly rate (after a free consultation and quote).  Please see the "Services" area of our website for more details.

What is "Business Operations"?

biz operations small.png

Everything that occurs within a company to keep it running smoothly and profitably is referred to collectively as “business operations”. Business operations consist of the plans, goals, documents, policies, equipment, people, and processes needed to make the organization function and succeed.


Business operations documents/products can include:

  • Business Plans

  • Strategic Plans (Annual)

  • Business Core Values

  • Policy Manuals

  • Hiring Procedures

  • Onboarding Procedures and Manuals

  • Employee Development Plans

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Procedure Manuals with Workflow Charts

  • Best Practice Manuals

  • Marketing Documents, Presentations and Pamphlets

  • Training Manuals

  • Proposal Formats

  • Company Intranet (Housing these Documents)


Once a business is established, and particularly after a period of growth, it’s imperative to regularly assess and analyze business operations to identify inefficiencies and improve internal clarity and communication. Additionally, periodic comparisons with industry benchmarks and best practices can help a company make sure its business operations are current and optimum.


Work Wolves can help produce and maintain all of these very important documents/products for you business without the need to hire a full-time Business Operations Director or Human Resources Director before you’re ready/able to do so.

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